Phoenix Logistics Inc.

RFC-2.4MM Series 2.4mm 50 GHz PCB Edge Mount Connector

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. (PLI) has produced a standard mount 2.4mm female 50 GHz connector specifically designed for signal board thickness from .004 inches through .016 inches. The connector accommodates total board thicknesses ranging from .020 inches through 0.100 inches. PLI designed the 2.4mm connector to a standard physical spec but optimized the electrical design to overcome poor impedance matching common to thin substrates launching through relatively large connector.

PLI has overcome the mismatch by utilizing an eccentric matching section in the connector directly at the launch point into the connector. This section of the connector optimally launches microwave energy by matching the trace-to-ground thickness of the PCB as well as altering the coaxial EM field patterns to better match field patterns faced within the microstrip. The results are optimized low VSWR connectors that exhibit uniform characteristics over a wide frequency band.

Datasheets can be downloaded using the link below. Limited sample quantities are available with production quantities available within 8 weeks.

  • Interface: Mil-PRF-39029 and Mil-std-348
  • I.D to meet VSWR when mated with .0196in/.0206in (0.498mm/1.523mm) Diameter Pin
  • Interface Capability with 1.85mm plug connector

  • Mode free through 50.0 GHz
  • Low VSWR: DC to 18.0 GHz 1.10:1 max | 18.0 to 40.0 GHz 1.15:1 max | 40.0 to 50.0 Ghz 1.18:1 max
  • Low RF Leakage: ?-100dB
  • Low Insertion loss

  • Temperature: -55°C to +135°C

  • Housing: 303 Stainless Steel, Condition A, per QQ-S-764 Passivate per QQ-P=35
  • Clamp plate: 303 Satinless Steel, Condition A, per QQ-S-764 Passivate per QQ-P=35
  • Press Front Housing: 303 Satinless Steel, Condition A, per QQ-S-764 Passivate per QQ-P=35
  • Dielectric: Ultem 1000 per ASTM-D-5205
  • Contact: UNS-C17300, Temper H. Gold Plate per MIL-G-45204
  • Back Insulator: TFE Flurocarbon per ASTM-D1710
  • Lock washer, Split: Stainless Steel
  • Head Cap Screw: Stainless Steel
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