High Speed Data

High-Speed Data Transmission & Interconnect Solutions

High Speed Data Four Shielded Twinax Round Cable
High Speed Data Shielded Twinax Cable
Twinax Female Socket Connector Four Position to High Speed Data Twinax Cables
Single Female Socket Twinax Connector to High Speed Data Twinax Cable
Twinax Male Pin Connector Four position to PCB
Phoenix Logistics has twenty-five of experience in the design, manufacture, testing, and assembly integration of high reliability data transmission components such as RF microwave connectors, contacts, and unique low loss cable. The expertise gained through our experience gives Phoenix Logistics the unique understanding and ability to integrate the best connectors with the best transmission medium to achieve exceptional results in high-speed data transmission applications from 1 Megabit up to 50 Gigabit data rates.

There is a modicum of information and products available in the marketplace. The products and/or solutions are usually parochial and relate primarily to the unique component offered. There are a host of RF connector and contact manufacturers that offer their products but they provide a very limited choice for transmission media and they are usually unwilling to modify or accommodate any other cable no matter how similar.

Phoenix Logistics applies its own engineered and design solutions and/or we can successfully integrate other manufacturer's interconnects and cables. We provide expertise and engineering services as well as hardware at both the prototype and production levels. Our offerings include the transmission cable or media, connectors, mating connectors such as board mount and in some cases passive devices that the interconnects attach to.

Each high-speed data application is unique. Phoenix Logistics offers its expertise to evaluate your system needs in high speed interconnects. Our approach is to examine our customer's requirements and provide a solution-based offering based upon the needs and environment of the system. Please contact us for an engineering consultation, for hardware requirements or for further information.

When it comes to high-speed data Phoenix Logistics provides the concept, the analysis, the prototypes, and the production to support your system and your mission.