PLI has diverse experience and qualifications in testing including Environmental, RF, MIL-STD-1553, and multi-point. This testing encompasses custom Test Equipment, Test Plans, and Reports.

Customized Test Stands for LRU and System Level Development

Custom Test StandsPLI's custom test stands are constructed for unique LRU and system level development as well as environmental qualification tests. During construction of customizing test stands, custom patch panel and COTS instrumentation are secured to the 19" rack. Trays and rails are used for additional structural support. All associated cabling to interface the internal test components as well as LRU interface cables are produced in PLI's 45,000 square foot facility.









Custom Patch Panels for LRU Testing

Custom Patch PanelsPatch Panels and other integrated COTS hardware provide reliable testing of systems and subsystems throughout the development and production process.





Ruggedized Databus Testers

1553 Tester no background 500 pxPLI redesigned and manufactured a MIL-STD-1553 Databus Tester for the Navy to provide essential ruggedization and obsolescence management while meeting weight restrictions. The redesign included a Gap Analysis, Human Factors Analysis, Explosive Atmosphere Testing, and Environmental Testing per MIL-SPEC-810, MIL-STD-202, and customer requirements. Reverse engineering on the established design and then component modernization analysis was performed. The modernization of design components to include lightweight equivalents was crucial to maintaining the weight restrictions and extending the life of the design. PLI manufactured the tester for a 24 month period after the designs were approved by the customer.




Customized Test Stands for RF Connectors & Cable Harness Testing

Customized Test Stands for RFPLI's customized test stands provide RF connectors & cable harness testing for all connector interfaces up to 40 GHz. All equipment is fully calibrated to meet PLI AS9100D Certifications.







Additional Test Capability

A DIT-MCO tester [Model 2508] is available for testing up to 5,000 points of termination simultaneously. PLI recently tested 46 complex cable assemblies for PLI's KC-135 Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) Block 45 upgrade. While we recognize the tremendous capabilities of the DIT-MCO, SCC also has access to multiple testers to conduct a higher volume of small and medium cables. One example is the CableEye® tester that is used on various projects to test wire harnesses with up to 900 points of termination.






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