Design Engineering

Design Engineering for Aerospace & Defense

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. is a leader in the design-engineering domain both at the component and system level. Our engineering staff possesses broad experience in electro-mechanical, electronics and software engineering. With top talent and complete capabilities we solve problems that others consider too difficult.

Reverse Engineering and Technical Refresh


PLI possesses proven qualifications to accomplish hardware system design and integration in support of demanding A&D customers' requirements. PLI was recently engaged to re-engineer and technically refresh various system-level components of a non-soldier system, ground Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) platform. PLI has additional experience within the reverse engineering / technical refresh domain related to obsolescence renewal of various tactically deployed Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) and radar systems. When PLI conducts a reverse engineering or technical refresh activity the revised system is typically documented with a Level 2 or 3 Technical Data Package (TDP).

PLI was contracted to re-engineer 4 components for the F16 (the primary supplier had filed bankruptcy). In four months, PLI redesigned, qualified and began production lines for the 4 components (well ahead of schedule and proposed costs). Subsequently, a testament to customer satisfaction, PLI has become a primary supplier of over 130 components on the F16.

PLI's engineering team is tightly integrated with the company's AS9100D certified manufacturing arm and is uniquely capable of supporting rapid prototyping and testing with full complements of Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

PLI has a long tradition of helping our customers with challenging problems. Since the founding of the company our minimum quantity has always been one, because we know one critical item can mean the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Studies and Analyses

Given Team PLI's long experience in aerospace development and Modeling and Simulation (M&S) we have excellent qualifications to support Aerospace & Defense customers' study and analyses requirements. Our ability to perform trade analyses that are supported through M&S across the aerospace domains ensures a high degree of objectivity. Our experienced aerospace test team — including DERs and test pilot experience — is well suited for development of flight test events or less advanced component level testing.

Requirement Relevant Experience
Trade Studies PLI has conducted multiple trade studies to assess validity of designs, inform make / buy decisions, inform acquisition decisions, determine emerging and disruptive technology impact on future designs, and predict obsolescence issues. Below are few examples:
  • PM Apache Helicopter – Obsolescence study for Tactical Engagement Simulation System (component and function level)
  • PEO-Simulation Training & Instrumentation – Feasibility and Needs study for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) interoperability
  • Internal R&D – Trade Analysis to determine most appropriate telemetry radio for high-throughput telemetry requirement (met with multiple vendors; associated vendor spec data with aircraft platform specifics to determine parasitic effects.)
Design of Experimentations Over 200 years combined experience developing test flight experiments (including placement of FAA certified aircraft into experimental mode prior to establishment of STC); over 500 hours of test flight pilot in command experience; multiple test integrations within Avionics Integration Laboratories; hundreds of component level to full system integration experiment and test activities.
Intellectual Delivery Team PLI is well prepared to provide thought leadership and deliver intellectual property applications (patents, trademarks, license development for software).

Component and Subsystem Engineering

Phoenix Logistics built its reputation as the premier supplier of Mil-Std-1553 Data Bus components and harnesses as well as highly specialized RF/Microwave connectors and RF/Microwave cable assemblies in the Aerospace & Defense market. We've used that experience and expertise to expand into next level Aerospace Manufacturing, Training and Simulation, and Critical Infrastructure.

Today we partner with our customers to help them better manage the complexity of the Integrated Value Chain by providing end to end avionics solutions integrated with system and sub-system design and manufacturing. We provide custom design solutions — including interconnect integration for unique avionics manufacturing and design challenges — coupled with integrated product development and a seamless transition to flexible production.

Our services are built upon our core expertise in defense and aerospace component and subsystem design and manufacturing combined with an acute understanding of the requirements to be successful in an aerospace integrated value chain.

We add value to the process while reducing costs by building collaborative partnerships internally and extending that approach to our customers as well as our suppliers. This approach enables Phoenix Logistics to provide:

  • Managed, controlled costs and long term stable pricing.
  • Visibility, accountability, and granular control of scheduling, performance, and delivery.
  • Longer-term product support and service beyond the traditional position in a system lifecycle as well as greater flexibility to incorporate emerging technologies over a system's life.
  • Availability assurance for mission critical components and subsystems.

We utilize best-in-class business practices, processes, and technologies including:

  • Advanced SAAS ERP/MRP system providing real-time supply chain visibility and simplified transactional processing.
  • Matrix Organization using Integrated Product Teams providing organizational scalability and continuous improvement.
  • Integrated Manufacturing for flexibility and responsiveness including rapid prototyping and pre-production.
  • Strategic Sourcing and long-term supplier relationships providing risk mitigation through supply chain management.


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