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Wire Harnesses

Phoenix Logistics has comprehensive capabilities to design and manufacture complex wire harnesses for defense and aerospace applications. We can address requirements such as custom wire marking, potting, over molding, over braiding and other unique demands in our 45,000 square foot U.S. based manufacturing facility. Our experience covers the spectrum from simple non-flight test harnesses to complex, three dimensional, spacecraft harnesses.


Wire Preparation

PLI has fully automated capability for cutting, stripping and marking wire and cable. We have redundant wire marking capability including a Tri-Star fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed UV laser wire and cable marker. Additionally, we have wire processing machines from Schleuniger, Eubanks and Omni as well as a Spectrum Technologies Sienna 110 laser wire stripping machine.

A full spectrum of industry standard and custom labels are available for wire marking. PLI is equipped to handle any cutting, stripping and marking requirement the customer may have.


Over Braiding

The braiding of wire harnesses and cable assemblies is an art as well as a science and requires not only the requisite machinery but also trained personnel. PLI has a complete braid shop which includes two 18 spindle, two 24 spindle machines and a 36 spindle machine. We can perform multi-level, metal and color coded braiding and branch identification through the use of multi-colored patterns. Braiding materials include Nomex, Nylon, Peak, Kevlar, and tin plated copper (as examples).

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Injection Over Molding

PLI provides custom over molding of connectors and back shells to exacting customer requirements. We have a state-of-the-art 80 ton vertical DEMAG press and can mold a wide variety of plastic materials. Many of our injection molds can be created in our in-house machine shop and we maintain relationships with local tool makers in order to provide minimized lead times and rapid turnaround on custom tools.


Encapsulation Capabilities

PLI has broad experience with sealing connectors and backshells using a wide variety of encapsulation materials. PLI maintains a complete metal workshop to rapidly build custom potting molds to the customer's unique specification. Our tooling includes a state of the art Kent CNC Knee Mill which is fully programmable for accurate and consistent results when supporting large production volume requirements.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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