RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave Specialty Cable Assemblies

RF Cable Assembly TNC Female Bulk Head Jack RG-316 Cable PKZ RF Microwave Blind Mate contact
RF Cable Assembly SMA Male Plug PT .190 Low Loss Cable SMA Male Plug
RF Cable Assemblies TNC Male Plug .250 Heliax cable TNC Female Bulkhead Jack
Semi Rigid RF Cable Assemblies, TNC Female Bulkhead .141 Semi Rigid cable SMA Male Plug
Type N Connector RF, Swept Right Angle Male Plug with Armour Crush Proof PT .190 Cable
RF Cable Assemblies- TNC Male Plug AA .290 Low Loss Cable SMA Male Plug, Type N Male Plug PT .190 Low Loss Cable SMA Male Plug, Type N Bulkhead Female with Crush Proof PT .190 Cable, Type N Swept Right Angle Male Plug with Armour Crush Proof PT .190 Cable, Keyed 270 Degree ETNC Mitred Right Angle Connector with corrugated cable
Phoenix Logistics produces a broad line of specialty  RF microwave cable assemblies, offered in flexible, semi-rigid, and semi-flexible varieties.

We design and manufacturer high frequency RF microwave connectors in-house for use on these assemblies. We specialize in producing the more technically difficult RF microwave assemblies such as those requiring phase matching. Our designers can provide RF microwave assemblies to meet any requirement including microwave cable assemblies that carry high peak and high average power.

All RF microwave assemblies are provided with test data, and full qualification testing can be performed upon customer request.

Generally the assemblies meet the requirements of Mil-T 81490 and Mil-C-87104.

RF & Microwave Light Weight/Low Loss Cable Assemblies

Lightweight RF Microwave Cable Assemblies

  • Phoenix Logistics produces a line of RF microwave cable assemblies that directly replace RG-393, RG-225 and RG-142, RG-303, and RG-400.
  • These RF microwave cable assemblies, when compared directly against their predecessors, offer significant weight savings while providing equivalent microwave performance.
  • The Type I cable is an adaptation of a commercial cable that is designed for high temperature (200° C).
  • The Type II cable is a flexible cable featuring an FEP foam dielectric.
  • All RF microwave assemblies meet or exceed the requirements of the replaced cable assemblies.
  • A variety of RF Microwave connectors, such as TNC, SMA, BNC, Type N, are available for these cables to meet any customer requirement.

Low Loss Microwave Cable Assemblies

  • Phoenix Logistics produces a family of Low Loss, Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies to fulfill a wide variety of applications.
  • These low loss microwave cable assemblies meet the applicable requirements of Mil-T-81490 and the interfaces of the microwave connectors meet the requirements of MIL-STD-348.
  • These microwave assemblies are also available in ruggedized, crush-proof, and armored versions. The construction of the cable is:
    • Center Conductor: Silver Plated Copper
    • Dielectric: Taped PTFE
    • Outer Conductor: Silver Plated Copper
    • Braid: Silver Plated Copper
    • Jacket: ETFE
  • These microwave cable assemblies are available with a variety of connector series and can also be customized for low VSWR at given frequencies.

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